Dell EMC Forum Arrives in November To Drive Home The Importance Of Modernization & Innovation










November 28th, 2016
Four Seasons Hotel
Riyadh, KSA


To transform your business and to thrive in the digital economy, you need the knowledge, inspiration and networking that a Dell EMC Forum can deliver.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the world would look like in 15 years? How your business will evolve during that time? How will digital advancements in the next few years impact us, and are you able to brave the changes that lie ahead?

The world is changing. We are now a community of digital citizens, with the world’s knowledge at our fingertips. Unrivaled engagement has made us all contributors to a vast information ecosystem. Businesses must evolve quickly, or face being left behind.

At this years’ EMC Forum, we will explore the business trends, tackle the impact digital transformation will have and introduce you to the tools that can help you drive business success and innovation.

Are you ready for the impact digital transformation will make on your business in the next 15 years?

Dell EMC Forum is a free one-day technology event where IT professionals explore business trends, cloud directions, use cases, and best practice discussions. Connect with peers, learn from experts, and experience new technologies.

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