Dell EMC PowerMax Test Drive™ for Technical Decision Makers – 25 Jun


We are pleased to invite you to a one-day workshop on Dell EMC PowerMax.

The goal of this workshop is to help you understand the fundamentals
and advantages of Dell EMC Enterprise storage platforms and their key
enabling technologies. This course includes hands-on lab exercises using
demo pods that have been designed for you to explore PowerMax and
its management capabilities.

This solutions-oriented training is designed for end-user DC Architects
and Senior Engineers who are responsible for developing data center
solutions that deploy traditional enterprise class storage platforms.

The PowerMax Workshop will cover:

• Lesson 1: PowerMax Overview
• Lesson 2: Architecture and Operations
• Lesson 3: Features and Functionality
• Lesson 4: Best Practices and Support
• Lesson 5: Storage Fabric


• Lab 1 – Provisioning data reduction and role based access control
• Lab 2 – Replication Metro and Non-Disruptive Migration
• Lab 3 – Performance Reporting and Database Storage Analyzer



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