Craig lives to change the networking world, he is a Principal Solutions Architect at Dell EMC and has held various CTO, architectural and software engineering positions with major networking vendors like Bay Networks, Nortel Networks, Cisco & Brocade. He has worked with Service Providers for over twenty years helping them transform their businesses to meet the challenges that virtualization and technology bring through programmable infrastructure. Craig is able to draw on his extensive background and experience to give a unique and in-depth perspective on networking, media and DevOps.

To the Edge and Beyond: Network Function Offload

In the first two blogs in this series we discovered what a programmable fabric is and what it looks like. Now we are ready to dive deeper into programmable fabrics and discover Network Function offload. Telecom communication service providers need to provision Network Functions (NFs) in their infrastructure in order to … READ MORE

Craig Stevens 16 July 2020
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