Dell EMC PowerEdge Brings Flexibility & Freedom To Your Workloads

Most IT professionals know too well the balancing act of wanting to implement cutting-edge, modern solutions while still maintaining control of the overall IT landscape. Your IT organisation is committed to supporting the workloads that the business depends on for success – whatever that takes. But ideally, whatever … READ MORE

JD Dentinger 18 August 2020

Smart Factories Open Doors to Future Productivity

Executives from the manufacturing sector share their views on smart factories and the ability of emerging technologies – including AI, edge computing and the industrial internet of things – to create new business opportunities. During the “Smart Factories” Transformation Tune-In virtual event, hosted by Dell Technologies and Nvidia on … READ MORE

Greg Moore 27 July 2020

To the Edge and Beyond: Network Function Offload

In the first two blogs in this series we discovered what a programmable fabric is and what it looks like. Now we are ready to dive deeper into programmable fabrics and discover Network Function offload. Telecom communication service providers need to provision Network Functions (NFs) in their infrastructure in order to … READ MORE

Craig Stevens 16 July 2020
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