A divided vision: Realizing 2030


The internet of things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and other technological advancements are fundamentally changing the way we live, work and conduct business. Last year, we at Dell Technologies worked with the IFTF (institute for the future) to forecast the impact of those changes. But we did more than just take a look into the crystal ball. We commissioned research with 3.800 business leaders from around the world to find out what they think the next 10-15 years have in store. Now, the results are in.

And the results are fascinating indeed. While pretty much all our leaders agreed that we are entering a new era of partnership between human and machine (82 percent), the results of everything on top of that were very divided. In terms of what these changes mean for their lives, their businesses, and the world at large, the 3.800 leaders are split. So while 50 percent think new technology and automated systems especially will free up their time, the other half think the opposite. They are also torn by whether the future represents an opportunity or a threat. 48 percent for example say the more we depend upon technology, the more we have to lose in case of a cyber-attack. The other 52 percent however aren’t concerned. Fittingly, while 50 percent think clear protocols for the event of failure in autonomous systems are needed, the other half don’t see the need.

However, there is unity as well: 93 percent feel beset by barriers to operating as a successful digital business in 2030 and beyond. How they tackle those barriers will make the difference between who is here to stay and who is going to end up on the more tragic side of the phrase “together we stand, divided we fall”.

For more information, check our infographic below, head straight to our executive summary, check out the complete report or head to our website.

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