E3 Aftermath – A new generation of hardware for a new generation of gamers


The E3 in Los Angeles has just ended, bringing the gaming world glimpses into the future of videogames. Why should we care? Because not only has the gaming industry long since outperformed the film industry in terms of revenue, but gamers are also far from that stereotypical male loner. A Dell-commissioned study reveals that today’s gamers are rather more diverse than they used to be. To top it all off, we also happen to have a lot of new hardware for those new recruits…

In the past five years, the gaming industry has changed dramatically. Where once gaming catered mostly to teenage boys as a niche market, it is now an industry of inclusion. Today you can count your colleague with two kids among its ranks. And the guy at the gym, your sister, your dad or your wife. And none of them are even remotely embarrassed to be called a gamer.

To support this new demography Alienware and Dell have set up the Alienware Academy, a digital PC gaming skill-building platform. It is also possible to join – for free – the Alienware Arena to get access to in-game items and early beta access to pre-released games. To make gaming even more of a mobile experience, the Alienware Arena App was launched at the E3: an Android app where one can create and access accounts on the go and interact with features such as the Arena Rewards Program.

In March, Alienware and Team Liquid opened the Alienware Training Facility, a tech-rich 750m2 space designed to mimic the kind of high-tech training offered to traditional athletes, and plans are underway to establish a second training facility in Holland by the end of 2018.

But none of this is any good without the hardware. Last year, the first branded keyboard, mouse and monitor was introduced. This year, the Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset was launched to complete the set. It gives you up to 15 hours of battery life with AlienFX turned off but turn it on and you get customisable lighting with 6.8 million (!) colours and four animations to choose from via the Alienware Command Centre and about 9 hours of battery life. At which pint you probably need a break anyway.

Then there is the Inspiron Gaming Desktop with 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen™ processor. It has some of the highest multiprocessing and multitasking capabilities gamers can get on a mainstream desktop PC and offers strong gaming and VR performance at an affordable price. The Inspiron Gaming Desktop has an attractive, no-nonsense look while pushing some eye-catching flourishes for the design conscious gamer. It joins four other Inspiron laptops with high-performance AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors with Radeon™ Vega Graphics or 7th Generation AMD A-Series Processors.

We could go on. Because there is more. But we have no doubt you would like to get back to your game while you gear up for next year’s E3!

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