It gives me great pleasure to remind you our Dell Technologies Forum Athens on October 25th. Dell Technologies Forum is the premier tech conference to explore new solutions, realize the true potential of IT infrastructure and incorporate innovative ideas in your productivity framework, in other words, to Make IT Real!

Our Senior Vice President, Client Solutions Group Marketing, Geraldine Tunnell will join us at the event and will share her perspective. Our global partners Intel and Microsoft, with their insightful presentations on the state-of-the-art technologies will provide a solid reference point on the current status of digital transformation. Last but not least, IT managers/CIOs will be inspired to discover new paths towards digital transformation, by James Lawrence a remarkable person who make the impossible possible.

James Lawrence aka the Iron Cowboy was repeatedly mocked for choosing a goal that seemed impossible: to do 50 Ironman races, in 50 consecutive days, through all 50 American states. Lawrence will share the ups, the downs and the life lessons he learned along his odyssey in his attempt to “Redefine Impossible”, as the title of his best-selling acclaimed book suggests.

We have prepared this event as a unique meeting opportunity with our experts and our partners, aiming to share our outlooks and experiences, while discovering the exciting possibilities of cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, AI and AR that bring disruptive and unexpected changes in every facet of business. You will also have the rare chance of hearing first hand a person whose passion, determination and unrelenting inner strength are emblematic and inspiring to all those who strive to make a difference in their respective fields.

I am excited to welcome you to Dell Technologies Forum and I am looking forward to meeting you all there. Get ready for fruitful, constructive and invigorating discussions!

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