Data is Essential to Everything Including Peace of Mind


At Express Scripts, data is essential to everything we do and drives important value to clients and patients. Data makes every patient, every family and every personalized plan for healthcare delivery unique, allowing us to analyze, innovate and customize care. However, the personal nature of the data makes it incumbent on me and my IT colleagues to protect that personalized data.

peace-of-mind[1]We want to make sure we have the best possible data protection measures in place. Because IT delivers the infrastructure that supports all of our critical business functions, we work to identify and implement best-in-class technologies. Partners like EMC help us ensure we provide a reliable, affordable and easy-to-manage environment.

We take every possible precaution and proactive step to guarantee data is kept safe, secure and available. In IT we plan for all scenarios, including unlikely situations where data may be compromised. We need to be able to recover quickly and re-establish normal business activities. EMC solutions allow us to do that.

As a partner in protecting sensitive and personal patient data, EMC understands and shares our commitment to those we serve. This kind of alignment with a partner is critical in an era and environment where risk is on the rise, and illegal attempts to access this kind of personal information continue to increase.

It takes a security ecosystem including my colleagues, partners like EMC, and others to stay at the forefront of the latest developments in data-reliability process and technology. We work with emerging tools, including the current EMC suite of data protection solutions. For example, we can create a local backup copy of our data and replicate it offsite. This ensures we’re able to recover should circumstances require it.

The most important benefit of our data protection solution is centralization. Working with EMC, we know they are there to support us and make certain that all of our products are running smoothly, allowing us to continually offer advanced capabilities to our end-users and keep data secure.

Learn more about the value of EMC Data Protection Solutions.

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