Dell vStart: Accelerating Virtualization and, now, Dell Private Cloud

As customers look to gain more agility and efficiency while controlling their IT costs, they are turning to cloud computing. Enabling capabilities such as multi-tenancy, infrastructure as a service, and self-service provisioning, a cloud-based infrastructure eliminates the delays and frustrations typically associated with IT asset provisioning and significantly enhances employee … READ MORE

Deepak Kanwar February 28th, 2012

Five Ways XtremIO Helps With Capacity Management

There are two types of storage sprawl. The first results from the never-ending creation of new content that must be retained. This type of sprawl is typically capacity driven and while storage must be purchased to keep pace, often inexpensive large capacity SATA arrays are more than sufficient to do the job.

The second type of storage sprawl results from performance-oriented applications. While it may not lead to as many terabytes deployed in the data center and thus isn’t typically thought of as a capacity problem, this type of sprawl represents the most expensive portion of the storage environment because it is reliant on enterprise class disk drives in high-performance arrays, which are much more expensive (and smaller in capacity) than SATA drives. In these environments, several factors lead to storage sprawl, but often administrators don’t even recognize the problem because it has existed for so long it’s just accepted as “the way things are.”

xtremio February 27th, 2012

Dell and Microsoft aligned for your success

I am happy to announce new and updated joint solutions from Dell and Microsoft that can revolutionize the way you run all aspects of your IT infrastructure and operate your business. Over the last 25 years, Dell and Microsoft have worked together to develop innovative complete solutions that combine the … READ MORE

Paul Rennie February 27th, 2012

10 for 10: EqualLogic PS6110 and PS4110 Series Arrays

This year is the 10-year anniversary of both iSCSI and 10GbE technology, and the team here at Dell Storage is bringing 10 new Dell™ EqualLogic™ iSCSI SAN 10GbE arrays to the marketplace! I’d say that is a “perfect 10” in style for marking these two significant events in high-tech history. … READ MORE

Sarah Cook February 27th, 2012

Introducing Simplicity into VDI with DVS Simplified

Don’t you love it when complex things magically solve themselves if you will it to happen?  That is exactly what is happening to desktop virtualization. Until now, exploring desktop virtualization might have been seen challenging for many organizations. You hear the reasons all the time, it’s too costly, too complex, … READ MORE

Janet Diaz February 27th, 2012

Dell’s Virtual Network Architecture: Our Point of View

It’s time to re-think networking. Today, companies are faced with an explosion of data growth.  Applications have been migrated from laptops to “the cloud,” while an increasingly mobile workforce demands ubiquitous, secure access to all resources from any device. The proliferation of cloud, virtualization, mobility & traffic growth requires that … READ MORE

Rod Mercado February 27th, 2012

Brodart Achieves Rapid Virtualization Benefits with vStart

Brodart Co., a Pennsylvania-based library solutions company that provides everything from shelf-ready books to electronic ordering systems and furniture, was seeking to upgrade to a virtual environment. With aging servers, they needed to get this done, but just having accomplished a major IT technology implementation they were unwilling to take … READ MORE

Deepak Kanwar February 27th, 2012

Hidden VDI Planning Assumptions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a growing area of interest in today’s enterprise. VDI originally gained traction among organizations where information security was paramount since VDI centralizes information in the data center instead of having it distributed among the desktops. Another popular VDI use case was in call centers, where every employee gets an identical desktop and applications with no need for customization.

Today, VDI is seeing lots of interest because of two new capabilities it enables, BYOD and desktop mobility. BYOD is “Bring Your Own Device” and refers to the growing need to support users bringing their tablet computers and personal laptops into the office, yet still needing access to corporate resources. Being able to run a virtual desktop on these devices is an attractive fix. Desktop mobility is important in today’s world of nomadic workers who may be in the office, at home, at Starbucks, at a client site, or elsewhere while using any available computing device they can find. VDI provides a solution for these workers to always access their desktop and applications no matter where they are or what device they have.

xtremio February 26th, 2012

You Should Expect More From Flash Storage

Flash storage products on the market today are analogous to supercars. They’re fast and sexy, but expensive and impractical for most use cases. Just like supercars, you sacrifice many features and amenities in the pursuit of ultimate performance. In fact, we hear many customers tell us that the only reason these products have been deployed is because they were the only option in the market. Imagine a world where your car options were limited to a Toyota Camry or a Ferrari. Ferrari’s are awesome, but they’re not affordable, utilitarian, or comfortable to drive most of the time. In today’s storage world, if you need more than Camry performance, you have little choice but to buy a Ferrari flash storage product.

xtremio February 26th, 2012

What’s Extreme about XtremIO?

Welcome to the XtremIO blog. This is the place to read about our company and products, but also to learn about flash storage and how it is applied to improve performance, ease-of-use, and efficiency for several different application environments including databases, ERP applications, analytics, and virtualization.

xtremio February 25th, 2012
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