Inside Flash Episode #5: VFCache 1.5 with Special Guest Chad Sakac – The Virtual Geek

Welcome to Inside Flash, Episode #5, September 28th,
Hello VFCache 1.5, nice to meet you! In-line cache deduplication (Thanks EMC backup team), first in the industry – Check! The only host cache solution supported and listed on the VMware HCL – Check! and… cluster support, EMC VMAX integration and management, 700GB PCIe cards and
Cisco Mezzanine integration.
With the VFCache 1.5 press release aligned with VMWorld 2012, there is only one person I wanted to have on the show!! The Virtual Geek himself…. Chad Sakac! Chad was gracious enough to not only spend some time on the show, but he gave me a quick demo of some of the new features of VFCache 1.5.

Sam Marraccini September 28th, 2012

Converged Infrastructure Foundation For Cloud-Based Services

How does converged infrastructure get you to a cloud environment? The IT industry is constantly evolving with visionaries leading the way for technology vendors to follow. Some innovations like storage tiering (e.g. EMC FAST) improve basic functions, making storage administrators more productive. Other innovations, like unifying management of converged infrastructure … READ MORE

Mark Prahl September 28th, 2012

Why every IT environment, no matter how virtual, needs security

While desktop virtualization and cloud client computing architectures are inherently more secure than many traditional enterprise configurations, there are still important security considerations to consider when planning a deployment. To explore the topic in depth and provide your IT department with best practices for safeguarding virtual desktop environments, Dell’s Desktop … READ MORE

Reed Martin September 26th, 2012

Big Data Transforms Crash Test Dummies Into Virtual Beings

Before the world became digital, the automotive industry heavily relied on dummies, cadavers, animals and even human volunteers to perform crash testing. Thanks to the power of computing, these less reliable physical crash tests are being replaced with more humane and accurate methods such as virtual simulation. But as cars … READ MORE

Mona Patel September 24th, 2012

Object Storage Gaining In Importance

What is object storage and why should anyone care? Object storage is a highly scalable architecture where data gets stored by unique IDs and attributes that describe the data. These IDs and attributes provide fast and easy access to the stored objects.  Like many things in the IT industry, it … READ MORE

Mark Prahl September 21st, 2012

Why cloud serves the citizen

A recent Reuters story talks of Stockton, California as the new paradigm for struggling cities.  So it seems fitting to consider cloud as the new IT paradigm for states and municipalities.   Public debt, unemployment, and taxes are big socio-economic topics not easily solved by cloud computing, but maybe more easily … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell September 20th, 2012

A rapid path to cloud infrastructure

According to Michael Dell, “A cloud is not a destination or singular path, but a transformation that places IT squarely at the center of the enterprise enabling the creation of new IT value.” I believe that an organization’s ability to react to a landscape of changing IT requirements is essential … READ MORE

James M September 19th, 2012

The BSIMM Nouveau Has Arrived

Gary McGraw’s team at Cigital just released version 4 of the BSIMM, the Building Security In Maturity Model. BSIMM is a survey of how software development organizations across many industries approach software security. It provides a good picture of the arsenal of techniques available to software security practitioners. EMC has … READ MORE

Eric Baize September 18th, 2012

Technology for Social Transformation

India, Egypt, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, Algeria — We call them emerging economies and rapid growth markets and we get excited at their projected GDP growth rates. EMC, like most, dream of growing revenues there at a steep curve. However, when I look at the systemic problems that these economies … READ MORE

Sarv Saravanan September 18th, 2012
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