Five IT Storage Infrastructure Predictions For 2013

What is the future for storage infrastructure? It is not uncommon at this time of year to see predications on a variety of subjects for the coming year.  While nobody has a crystal ball, knowledge and experience can lead to insight. To this end, I polled a number of my … READ MORE

Mark Prahl December 21st, 2012

Inside Flash: “Flash in a Flash” Special Edition for December 14, 2012.

Flash, Flash, Flash!!! Everyday all day, that’s my life these days! Flash across the infrastructure based on application needs! But, what does that mean? It would be easy to put Flash drives in an existing array, repackage it and call it an All Flash Array. Flash provides the ability to fundamentally change the way we look at storage. The key to the strategy is the SOFTWARE!! The integrated software will provide the intelligence necessary to best leverage the capabilities of Flash.

Sam Marraccini December 14th, 2012

EMC’s Approach to Vulnerability Response

Let’s face it – real software products have security vulnerabilities! While building strong secure software development practices goes a long way towards detecting and helping to eliminate security vulnerabilities during the development process, a strong product security program also needs to be prepared to properly handle and respond to security … READ MORE

Reeny Sondhi December 14th, 2012

EMC Point of View: Capitalizing on Cloud

EMC President and COO Howard Elias and EMC Chief Information Officer Sanjay Mirchandani discuss how EMC’s IT organization has evolved its technology, people and processes to truly capitalizing on cloud computing, including its mission critical line of business systems.

Dell EMC Partner Post Blog December 12th, 2012
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