Question: Archive? Answer: Isilon Scale-out NAS with New 4 TB Drives

There are few enterprise storage use cases that stress the seams of traditional storage systems quite like large and rapidly-growing file-based data archives. In nearly every customer conversation that I’ve had over the last few quarters, dealing with the current and rapidly growing “archive” environment is top-of-mind for our prospects … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch January 31st, 2013

The Era of Big Data Security Analytics Is Here

We have reached a strategic milestone for security organizations—a milestone in our collective fight against sophisticated security threats. Enter the era of Big Data security analytics… RSA has released a new type of security solution that combines key parts of network forensics, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), threat intelligence, … READ MORE

Matthew Gardiner January 31st, 2013

Dell and SAP: Turning Data Into Business Insights

Imagine how your business could be transformed with real time access to in depth analytics and insights. How could this enhance customer experiences, increase your bottom line and give you a strategic competitive edge? Many industries have already integrated analytics into their transactional operations – education, government, healthcare, retail and … READ MORE

Dan Woolley January 31st, 2013

Dell helps customers spin up private clouds through Rackspace program

Enterprise customers can now spin up their own OpenStack-based Rackspace Private Clouds using the same software and hardware that Rackspace uses to power its public and private clouds. After a detailed automated testing and validation process, the Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) has completed the certification process for several Dell hardware … READ MORE

Deania Davidson January 30th, 2013

RSA Leverages Big Data to Detect and Investigate Security Threats

As cyber attacks become more advanced and damaging, organizations are looking to integrate Big Data tools and techniques into their security operations to optimize threat detection and investigation. Organizations can no longer rely on traditional security systems that monitor and analyze only a slice of information from a portion of … READ MORE

Mona Patel January 30th, 2013

You Can Take Financial Transparency Further: Getting the Business Perspective on IT Spending

Providing business users with financial transparency about your company’s IT services doesn’t just promote business unit (BU) participation in their own IT consumption choices; it can also be a great tool to make sure enterprise-wide IT initiatives are on track in meeting business and corporate objectives. After launching financial transparency last year … READ MORE

Dell EMC Partner Post Blog January 25th, 2013
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