FluidFS demonstrates linear performance scalability with 494,000 SPECsfs OPS

Yesterday, we published official performance results for our Fluid File System (FluidFS) technology, validating the strong investments we’ve made to meet the needs of performance-intensive enterprise workloads like film rendering, bioinformatics and electronic design automation. So why should you invest in FluidFS technology? The proof is in the results … … READ MORE

Emily Rund May 31st, 2013

CIO Oasis at EMC World 2013

While Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, vibrant atmosphere and clattering casinosounds, I was most enamored and impressed with the energy and enthusiasm at my very first EMC World conference. I spent my first 120 days with the company drinking from the proverbial fire hose – getting to … READ MORE

Vic Bhagat May 30th, 2013

Lotus F1 Team, VCE and EMC head to the track together

The rules of Formula One racing are about to change in a way that is unparalleled by the past – and the 2014 F1 car will be very different than the ones on tracks today. Lotus F1 Team challenged EMC to provide a solution that enabled their IT department to … READ MORE

Andy King May 29th, 2013

Lotus F1 Team Partners With EMC to Make Racing History

“The partnership between EMC and Lotus F1 Team provides us the IT technology we need to become world champion.”  Patrick Louis, CEO of Lotus F1 Team, on today’s announcement of a technology partnership including EMC, VCE and Lotus F1 Team. Formula One racing remains on the rise as a true … READ MORE

Chris Bridgland May 29th, 2013

Inside Flash Episode #9: A look back at EMC World 2013: As promised, it was Xtrem!!

EMC World 2013 delivered on the Xtrem plan, the X-Factor delivered as promised. The EMC Flash everywhere strategy was highlighted throughout the event and even reviewed during the executive keynote! The breakout sessions, packed! Standing room only! The XtremIO sessions were turning people away, just not enough room for everyone. From introduction sessions to production demonstrations, the event was a success.

Sam Marraccini May 27th, 2013

EMC Helps T2 Forget About Technology and Focus on the Business

Imagine being responsible for the management and tracking of 26 million vehicles, 22 million drivers, 93 million parking permits, and 42 million citations across hundreds of parking operations. The operational logistics are mindboggling, not to mention the associated data that needs to be stored, managed, and accessed reliably. T2 Systems … READ MORE

Jen Sorenson May 21st, 2013
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