Garbage Collection & XtremIO – Fact and Fiction

One of the eye opening claims we made during our launch on November 14th was that the XtremIO array doesn’t have any system-level garbage collection processes.  In the coverage and chatter that followed our launch we noticed that some people interpreted this to mean that the flash in … READ MORE

xtremio November 25th, 2013

Next-Generation Mozy Delivers New “Win-Win” Features That Both Employees And IT Will Love

The modern workplace requires technology that not only evolves, but stays one step ahead. In response, Mozy has launched the Next Generation of its cloud-based data protection service for administrators, end-users and partners.  Made generally available today, Next-Generation Mozy Cloud Backup now includes: New “people-centric” cloud administrative tools … READ MORE

Russ Stockdale November 21st, 2013

XtremIO’s In-Memory Metadata Architecture – Fact and Fiction

During our launch last week we discussed the amazing benefits of XtremIO’s In-Memory Metadata architecture.  Some have seen fit to FUD this approach as risky – what happens to valuable metadata if a controller (or power) fails and memory contents are lost?  Believe it or not, we did … READ MORE

xtremio November 20th, 2013

Relieving Network Traffic Congestion

Editor’s Note: Posted on behalf of Jeremy Erwin, Dell Networking A great network is one that simply works. A connection that quickly and effortlessly delivers multimedia content, email, large files and digital voice and video.  The problem with many of today’s networks is that the ever-increasing number of … READ MORE

Michelle Richard November 18th, 2013
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