Is Life in the Fast Lane All That It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Even in the world of IT, the race to do things faster and easier seems to restart daily, and this applies to those of us on the IT side buying and implementing technology, those on the vendor side developing the technology, as well as those of us straddling both worlds. But as we all know, faster doesn’t necessarily mean easier—nor does it necessarily mean better or safer… or that you will even win in the end.

Heidi Biggar February 27th, 2014

It’s Getting Better All the Time: EMC and Teradata Deliver Better Backup and Disaster Recovery

Teradata has unveiled new certified solutions that dramatically enhance backup, recovery and DR capabilities for Teradata Database users.  The new certifications are with EMC’s latest industry-leading Data Domain deduplication storage systems and Teradata’s latest Data Stream Architecture (DSA), delivering new data protection options through Teradata’s Backup Archive and … READ MORE

Anselmo Barrero February 27th, 2014

Working in the Cloud: Taking a Fresh Look at Today’s Jobs

On your organization’s journey to the cloud, having people with the right skills, framework and perspective to maximize your cloud technology is crucial.  Whether you are looking to recruit new talent or striving to help support the continued advancement of those already staffing your IT operation, it’s a … READ MORE

Phyllis Doig February 26th, 2014

RSA & Pivotal: Big Data and Security Done Right

You can’t move  these days without some vendor or another talking about Big Data and security. It’s often pretty meaningless stuff, with very little practical advice  or insight into actual benefits. Today, though, RSA and Pivotal released a reference architecture for Big Data analytics to detect and investigate … READ MORE

Paul Stamp February 25th, 2014

EMC Product Security Sessions at the RSA Conference

This week in San Francisco, tens of thousands of security professionals are gathering for the the RSA Conference. For the seventh year in a row, representatives from EMC’s Product Security Office have been selected by the conference program committee to speak in a session. If you are at … READ MORE

Eric Baize February 25th, 2014

Accelerating and De-risking Your Journey to the 3rd Platform

With software-defined data centers transforming the way IT is delivering services, enterprise management vendors have struggled to keep up with the paradigm shift from managing individual elements to managing IT services.  Modern, on-demand services deployed across highly virtualized and cloud-based infrastructures require radically different management approaches to ensure … READ MORE

Jason Cowie February 24th, 2014
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