A New Blueprint for Success: EMC VSPEX with Isilon

It’s been two years since EMC’s VCE and Isilon teams joined forces to begin offering converged infrastructure (CI) solutions that combine VCE Vblock Systems with Isilon scale-out NAS in support of a range of applications and workloads. And we couldn’t be more excited about the results. It’s extremely gratifying to … READ MORE

Carl Washington June 30th, 2015

Save time and money while getting enterprise-class network performance with Dell X-series smart managed switches

Small and midsize companies often lack the resources and time required to implement and manage an enterprise-scale network. And yet, to give employees quick and reliable access to time- and money-saving IT such as unified communications, virtual desktops, cloud-based architectures and video-streaming tools, companies need a network that delivers 1GbE … READ MORE

Steve Da June 30th, 2015

A Quarter Century of Data Protection

Today, NetWorker turns 25 years old. To put that in perspective, NetWorker was released a few months before the test of the World Wide Web’s first website! And, NetWorker is not only still relevant, it’s gaining in momentum with new and life-long customers. We took a quick poll and discovered that 46% of … READ MORE

Vladimir Mandic June 29th, 2015

Configuring ECS: Start Uploading Files in 5 Minutes!

Many times after an ECS installation, the question that arises is, “Now, what do we do with this thing?” It’s understandable because an object-storage appliance is not like a SAN or a NAS array. You cannot just walk back to your cube and start archiving old documents to the ECS. … READ MORE

Chris Kanthan June 25th, 2015

Episode #1 – What is the Source?

Welcome to the First Episode of “The Source” – What is The Source?  A video/podcast providing an insider’s perspective on EMC’s portfolio of solutions and products as they relate to the challenges faced by our customers.  Join @SamMarraccini and @AaronChaisson the first episode is below and be sure to subscribe … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini June 24th, 2015
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