Compliance in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Big data.  Artificial intelligence.  Proprietary algorithms.  These capabilities today help drive disruption in all kinds of businesses, and are keys to a promising future. These technologies all help businesses to drive more decision-making processes and analysis within software.  In turn, this helps to make the business more agile and scalable … READ MORE

Jim Shook March 30th, 2016

Episode #36: Hybrid Cloud, Build vs Buy? with Kevin Gray

Cloud computing continues to gain momentum across organizations of all sizes.  IDC estimates that 80% of IT service organizations will move to hybrid cloud environments by the end of 2017. What does a hybrid cloud do for your business?  What are the real business benefits? More important, once you have … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini March 30th, 2016

Converged Infrastructure: The Key to Business Agility

Business success often depends on a company’s ability to turn on a dime. But overly complex IT and overburdened staff can make it difficult to react quickly to new opportunities. Does this sound familiar? Converged infrastructure helps to boost business agility Your company needs to be able to move quickly … READ MORE

Scott Horst March 29th, 2016

The Fastest Path To A Hybrid Cloud Solution

If you’ve read Part 1 of the Build vs Buy blog series, you understand why the majority of IT leaders are committing to hybrid cloud environments. Assuming you don’t want your company to be surpassed by competition, you’re most likely trying to determine how you are going to implement your … READ MORE

Berna Devrim March 24th, 2016

Connectivity Matters For All Flash Storage Environments

Flash is transforming the data center but storage speeds mean nothing if I/O bottle necks prevent businesses from achieving its potential ’Why?  Think about high-speed train travel.  You can’t just buy a fleet of high-speed engines and send them out on rails built for more moderate speeds.  Likewise, a move … READ MORE

Deirdre Wassell March 23rd, 2016

Episode #35: XtremIO, an Extreme Journey with Josh Goldstein

XtremIO continues to redefine the way our customers manage and deploy their applications.  A scale out storage architecture combining ease of use with in memory metadata, providing a foundation for changing the way storage is viewed.  Storage is an enabler! EMC announced the acquisition of XtremIO at EMC World 2012.  … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini March 23rd, 2016
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