A storm is brewing


As I read the news and speak with leaders in the tech world, the word “cloud” is bandied about like a new buzzword. I hear the word “cloud” more than I hear about Lady Gaga or Lindsay Lohan. But I also get the strange impression few people really know what’s going on.

Then I see an article like this one from Siemens about their PLM system moving onto Microsoft’s Azure platform – the real Slim Shady… er… the real McCoy – a proper cloud application which has significant implications we should all pay attention to. The wagon train is starting to leave the building on its way to the gold rush and I want to make sure I am on board along with all of you.

Another fascinating article about design tools going to the cloud (see here) further galvanizes my convictions – this is a game being played for keeps. Up until now most cloud stories were all about possibilities. I was overwhelmed with imagined capabilities and benefits – more fluffy opinions than hard facts. It is time to stop speculating and start doing. The ideating was fun, now we get to see the realities of experience.

I am sure the excitement will be cooled as the widespread attempts to take advantage of this technology uncover new problems that have to be resolved or worked around. This is a new era of semi-uncharted wild country – the next new frontier. Let’s hope our tech leaders are thinking things through.

I want to hear about your real experience with clouds, what you are seeing and doing. Send me a line or reply here, I am eager to learn more from the trenches.


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