Accelerating Efficiency with Dell EMC Enterprise Drives


When buying a new car, people are usually focused on the exterior or the engine. However, the optional features like four wheel drive can also significantly impact their daily lives. The same holds true when adding new servers to your office or data center.

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It is easy to get swept away with the powerful processors and chassis design instead of focusing on features like enterprise drives that can save time and money in the long run.

If your goal is a smooth-running modern data center, you need to determine what drives deliver the right balance of performance, cost and capacity for your unique workloads. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers offer flexible configurations that allow you to easily mix and match drives. Dell EMC provides a range of capacities, speeds and interface options for each drive type (HDD, SSD and PCIe SSD). Working with leading drive manufacturers, Dell EMC continually offers new technologies.

Just recently, Dell EMC released the high performance 2.4TB 10K HDD that offers the highest capacity in the 2.5” drive portfolio. These new drives offer storage efficiency for everyday workloads such as OLTP and VDI.

Dell Hard Disk Drive HDD for 14G PowerEdge servers

Just like you wouldn’t purchase a car without a test drive, you shouldn’t consider components for your server that have not been properly qualified. Dell-branded Enterprise HDD, SSD and PCIe SSD have been through a very stringent qualification and validation process and are thoroughly tested with PowerEdge platforms and OpenManage Systems Management tools. Each drive has unique Dell firmware, which is tuned, tested and validated for PowerEdge Servers. This results in seamless performance, optimal stability and easy lifecycle management integration.

In order to provide ongoing support through the service life of enterprise drives, Dell EMC provides an online firmware update capability. The Dell Update Package (DUP) process translates to less downtime due to firmware maintenance.  Plus Dell EMC offers a hardware warranty for Dell-branded drives that you purchase for your PowerEdge server with an option to choose the ProSupport extended warranty offering. This means you have one less thing to worry about.

Whether you are choosing a new car or server, safety measures can provide peace of mind. PowerEdge next-generation servers offer integrated security to safely protect your data through your server lifecycle. PowerEdge embedded security can ensure that only valid, signed updates are permitted for the server BIOS, iDRAC, and peripheral devices. In addition, PowerEdge servers support FIPS-certified self-encrypting drives in different SSD and HDD capacities to protect data from physical breaches. Using the System Erase function, you can easily repurpose and retire servers by securely erasing data storage devices (HDD/SSD) and non-volatile storage (NVMe/caches/logs) in mere moments.

At Dell EMC we are always interested in what drives your data center.  Please follow us @DellEMCServers and LinkedIn to let us know “what revs your engine.” Contact your Dell representative to discuss optimal PowerEdge configuration options to turbocharge your data center.

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