Are you ready for a world with 30 billion connected things?


Are you ready for a world with more than 30 billion connected “things,” 250 million connected vehicles and a nonstop avalanche of data from the Internet of Things (IoT)? We’re not talking about the distant future. We’re talking about the year 2020, which begins just a little over three years from now.

I pulled these eye-grabbing numbers from a new IoT infographic published by Cloudera, a leader in data management and analytics. This infographic does a great job of summarizing both the challenges and opportunities brought by the IoT.

On the challenges side, enterprises need to prepare for massive growth in the volumes of data captured by connected products. As with data from enterprise systems, social media and other sources, this data will need to be processed, stored, analyzed, protected and managed, both in enterprise data centers and at the edge.

Today, organizations are proving that they are pretty good at capturing data from connected products, but not very good at gaining value from that data. The infographic produced by my colleagues at Cloudera notes that less than 1 percent of IoT data is currently being utilized. That’s not a good metric. If an organization isn’t realizing value from the data it captures, it is essentially paying a steep price in the form of wasted expenses in capturing data and lost opportunities to realize value from that data.

And this gets us to the opportunity side of the story. The infographic notes, for example, that the use of IoT data to enable predictive maintenance could help some companies reduce equipment downtime by up to 50 percent, while the IoT could help healthcare providers cut chronic treatment costs by as much as 50 percent. There are opportunities like this in virtually every industry — for those organizations that are positioned to not just capture data from the IoT but to take command of it.

At Dell EMC, we welcome the challenges brought by a world filled with connected things. Together with partners, we’re in the business of helping organizations solve their big data and analytics challenges, and with new solutions emerging from the combination of the legacy Dell and legacy EMC portfolios, we’re ideally positioned to do just that.

If you have the opportunity to attend the Dell EMC World conference in Austin this week (Oct. 18–20) Austin, be sure to stop by the Big Data and Analytics booth to learn more about the Dell EMC portfolio and how it can help you take command of the data from the IoT. In the meantime, you can explore the

Dell EMC portfolio at and


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