Alan Brumley is Chief Technology Officer of Dell EMC OEM & IoT Solutions, a specialist division helping customers to grow their businesses by leveraging Dell’s hardware, software and services as part of their own solutions as well as helping organizations take advantage of the rapid evolution in the Internet of Things.

With 20-years’ leadership experience in the IT industry, Alan liaises with Dell EMC’s global business units to act as the voice of the customer. He is responsible for leading engagement activities with OEM customers, channel partners and technology partners. Collaborating with his CTO peers in the partner network, Alan and his team evaluate emerging technologies and promote early adoption and integration of breakthrough solutions with customers as well as designing new procurement options.

Alan has over 18 years’ experience as an innovator with Dell EMC, previously designing Enterprise Solutions products in the Server Management Firmware group with a focus on modular enclosures that converge storage, networking, and compute capabilities, as well as server management solutions for these products.

With a hardware and BIOS background, he holds over ten U.S. patents for the company and has delivered many first offerings in the Enterprise product family, including designing the Dell EMC PowerEdge M1000 enclosure. Alan started his career in a technology startup and has also enjoyed a five-year career as an innovator with Data Performance and Warehousing Solutions at NCR.

Alan is excited that the Internet of Things has now merged his work focus with his personal passion for autonomous embedded systems and wireless communications, feeding data into Enterprise solutions for deep analytics.
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