How Green is Your Data?

Earth Day is the time of year when everywhere you turn it’s green. The newspaper, radio, and of course TV: several broadcasting networks are featuring special green-themed logos and programming. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise to see thousands of “green” consumers at this year’s Go Green … READ MORE

VP, Power & Infrastructure April 22nd, 2009

Ask Albert: Can’t we all get along?

When I’m out talking to different audiences about the benefits of Green IT, one point I typically bring up is the somewhat sensitive relationship between an organization’s Facilities and IT departments. These are traditionally different departments with different objectives and different budgets. But when you’re tasked with implementing … READ MORE

VP, Power & Infrastructure June 2nd, 2008

How should we measure Earth Day?

Technorati Tags: Data Center,Data Centers,metrics,earth day Earth Day is a day to reflect on our planet’s condition and to re-dedicate ourselves to the work that lies ahead. One of the keys to effective conversation is having good metrics that indicate the progress we are making. That’s why we … READ MORE

VP, Power & Infrastructure April 22nd, 2008
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