Unwrapping Machine Learning

In a recent IDC spending guide titled Worldwide cognitive systems and artificial intelligence spending guide,   some fantastic numbers were thrown out in terms of opportunity and growth 50+ % CAGR, Verticals pouring in billions of dollars on cognitive systems. One of the key components of cognitive systems is Machine … READ MORE

Ashvin Naik January 17th, 2017

Ripple effects of global data: global Hadoop.

Strata Hadoop world Singapore left me pumping my fists with proof that recipes like the Gartner Value escalator or our very own transformation roadmap provide a simple actionable plan to build hindsight, provide insights and move towards foresights that enable data driven transformations. The example of transformation came … READ MORE

Ashvin Naik December 17th, 2015

Destination transformation: Making the roadmap fly.

In my previous post, we discussed the three step transformation roadmap—a recipe for big data nirvana. Wearing my big data hat, an entrepreneur’s heart, and a problem solving intent, here are a few ideas to see the map in action. The airline industry has gone through many cycles, … READ MORE

Ashvin Naik September 25th, 2015

Big Data’s Revolutionary Roadmap

Big data has the potential to transform humankind – from helping us cure diseases to simplifying and streamlining our lives. Now, let us not get into the debatable aspects of our increasingly digital universe but focus on the art of the possible. After having digitized our entire lives, which … READ MORE

Ashvin Naik June 1st, 2015
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