Senior Vice President - UK & Ireland Commercial Business - Dell EMC
I am proud to lead Dell EMC's UK & Ireland Commercial Business

As Senior Vice President for DellEMC I engage with all of Dell's customers and partners across the UK & Ireland. It is clearly critical to ensure as a company, we are developing the technology and supporting services which absolutely meet our customers needs, as the success of business become more and more about the effective use of technology. Looking to the future, a critical goal of all successful companies of tomorrow, will be their ability to embrace and utilise new emerging technologies in new ways to create new products, new services and competitive edge. Such vision must come from the top and I am keen to support that across Dell, our customers and our partners.

I'm a committed advocate for bringing diversity of thinking and vision into Dell Technologies as well as the wider environment. I regularly speak on this topic and see innovation and diversity as integrally related. Dell Technologies is highly commitment to both areas, which has been key to our success to date, and one of the reason for our recognition as one of the best companies on the planet to work for.

VMworld Europe 2016: Let the Transformation Begin

For the first time ever, Dell EMC had a combined presence as Global Diamond Sponsor at VMworld Europe. Held over four days last week in Barcelona, Spain, the VMworld Europe theme was be_TOMORROW. This event attracted an audience of industry thought leaders, subject matter experts and IT professionals—all of whom enthusiastically immersed … READ MORE

Claire Vyvyan October 25th, 2016
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