Don works in the Dell Networking Product Marketing group where he is focused on Open Networking and Dell networking software and management applications. Don previously worked in the Dell Enterprise Storage Solutions Marketing group located in Nashua, NH. His main focus there was on solutions that support Data Retention and Governance. Don most recently worked at Juniper Networks, where he was responsible for public sector solutions marketing. Prior to Juniper, he held many different types of product management & product marketing roles, largely in the networking domain. Earlier in his career, Don spent several years in the Air Force. Outside of work, Don is very busy with his four children and his work as an adjunct faculty member at Emmanuel College in Boston for both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Connecting OpenStack and containers with a unified front

Ed. Note: This blog was co-authored by Don Root, Dell Networking Product Marketing and Ashish Mukharji, Midokura Director of Business Development   Those of us fortunate to have worked in networking for a few decades got to watch the early days of packet switching development, and on that … READ MORE

Don Root March 10th, 2016

Network Automation: Powering Scientific Research

You’ve probably heard a lot about high-performance computing (HPC) lately. Companies in all types of industries — from medical to finance to manufacturing — are using HPC to solve their most complex science and engineering problems. But there’s not a lot of publicity around the behind-the-scenes networking and … READ MORE

Don Root March 4th, 2016

Follow the path to SDN – disaggregate and centralize

Whenever I get the chance to talk with customers, the topic almost always turns toward how to keep up with the growing and continuously changing demands on their network infrastructure. Since the introduction of server and storage virtualization, data center traffic patterns are migrating from the common client/server … READ MORE

Don Root December 14th, 2015

Dell keeps up the open networking momentum with plug-n-play SDN network fabrics

Mid to large-size enterprise data centers continue to be impacted by major trends like demanding applications, virtualization and mobile users that have come to expect wire-speed network performance and anytime/anywhere connectivity. At the same time they are struggling with traditional proprietary network infrastructures that are expensive, hardware-bound, inflexible … READ MORE

Don Root June 11th, 2015

10GbE in the Data Center: Time to Speed Things Up

At the risk of giving away my age, I fondly recall the days of using terminal servers connected to a DEC VAX mini-computer and a trusted VT100 terminal from my office desk.  Local area networks (LANs) and Ethernet was in its infancy and the proposed 10Mbps speeds made … READ MORE

Don Root November 7th, 2013
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