Helping Entrepreneurs Choose Wisely

To help small and medium businesses thrive in the Virtual Era, today we introduced a guide to help our customers purchase a first server or expand IT infrastructure with new servers. The guide is about servers made easy and is a roadmap for entrepreneurs. In addition to online … READ MORE

Matt M April 14th, 2011

The backbone of your IT operations

A slogan made famous by our friends in Detroit – “Built Tough” – comes foremost to my mind when I think about our PowerEdge servers. Over the years, Dell has helped thousands of customers optimize workloads, accelerate the benefits of virtualization and migrate business critical applications to our … READ MORE

Matt M February 14th, 2011

Dell PowerEdge R710 Server Comes Out on Top of InfoWorld Review

InfoWorld published a review of three competitive 2-processor, 2-socket servers, including the Dell PowerEdge R710. These do-it-all stalwart servers make up the bulk of mainstream IT computational engines because of their versatility, reliability and affordability. Because this class of server is called upon to perform a myriad of … READ MORE

Matt M February 16th, 2010

Breaking the I/O Virtualization Bottleneck

Virtualization has helped improve hardware utilization tremendously, but its full potential has not yet been realized. Virtualization technologies all share and virtualize a single physical port of the network adapter through software for the I/O needs of the virtual machines. All of that software battles to make I/O … READ MORE

Matt M September 22nd, 2009

Reliable Power to Protect Your Precious Data

There is a tree twisting thunderstorm raging outside and you know enough to grab a flashlight and candle just in case the power goes out. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You miss a rerun episode of Mad Men? Ah, but wait, isn’t the online sale is … READ MORE

Matt M September 9th, 2009

Design the Ideal Data Center

In the 2002 movie, Minority Report, Police Chief John Anderton, played by Tom Cruise, manipulates data and images on massive computer screens to prevent crimes before they happen in the "pre-crime" department. Pretty cool concept and compelling visuals.  Imagine if you could enter a virtual data center and … READ MORE

Matt M July 10th, 2009

Dell PowerEdge Servers Get a Gold Star – EPA Energy Star That Is

We’re all familiar with those blue and white Energy Star stickers that show us the average energy uses on our home appliances like refrigerators and clothes driers. Now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released Energy Star specification for servers. The efficiency requirements are a positive step … READ MORE

Matt M June 25th, 2009
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