Why bury yourself in unmanaged paper?

Given the surge in cloud adoption and mobile devices in the workplace, it’s easy to underestimate how much we still communicate on paper. Think back to the last time you visited an emergency room or a doctor’s office. How much paper did you handle? How much was stacked … READ MORE

Nicole Smith April 26th, 2012

You can comfortably phase your org into analog sunset

Do you have the date of analog sunset on your calendar? Perhaps not, because it lingers over 2013 and caps in 2014, depending on whom you ask. The conversation has been discussed for years now. But IT decision makers in your organization should already have a plan mapped … READ MORE

Nicole Smith April 26th, 2012

Securing SCADA networks and national infrastructure

How alarming was it to read that foreign hackers managed to cause physical damage at a U.S. water utility in a cyberattack? Recent reports of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system attacks at facilities in Illinois and in Texas, highlight the increasingly important role of network security … READ MORE

Nicole Smith November 21st, 2011

‘Live Online’ Expands Dell World Access

Recently on Enterprise Efficency.com, Ana Cantu highlighted the interactive experience of Dell World conference, this week in Austin. For those of you who can’t attend in person, there’s still Dell World: Live Online access. As I discussed in a blog also on Enterprise Efficiency, there will be special … READ MORE

Nicole Smith October 13th, 2011

UConn experiments with desktop virtualization

A new desktop virtualization initiative at the University of Connecticut is expanding computing options for faculty, staff and students, as I wrote in a blog post on Enterprise Efficiency.  And for a closer look at the program, which is fueled by technology from Dell, VMWare and Unidesk, check … READ MORE

Nicole Smith September 29th, 2011

IT innovation: Curious about what lies ahead?

“Technology is about enabling human potential.” Maybe you’ve heard this truism from Michael Dell before.  It gets to the heart of why there’s that constant drive to make the effort to develop new tools and improve old ones. Technology should make us more effective in our work and … READ MORE

Nicole Smith September 22nd, 2011

Dell solutions spotlight: Mobile clinical computing

There are a lot of miles on the term desktop virtualization. But Solutions Specialist Michael Ames frames it in terms of real-world use in the video “Dell Mobile Clinical Computing: Data Security, Clinical Efficiency and IT Productivity.” The hospital example in the video highlights three key aspects of mobile … READ MORE

Nicole Smith August 9th, 2011
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