Sophisticated, Graphics-Capable Virtual Desktops Make Inroads

Virtual desktops powered by VMware Horizon and NVIDIA vGPU cards are attracting renewed interest as IT departments in urban and rural settings recognize the value of deploying more sophisticated solutions. Iowa State University’s Department of Agronomy is among the forward-looking early adopters leveraging Dell Cloud Client-Computing solutions and … READ MORE

Reed Martin March 14th, 2016

Delivering cost savings and higher densities with innovation

Investing in innovation has enabled Dell’s Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) to stay competitive and address an evolving set of user requirements. By focusing on performance and user density specs, our VDI and Cloud Client Computing solutions deliver an optimal experience at an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO). … READ MORE

Reed Martin February 6th, 2013

Why every IT environment, no matter how virtual, needs security

While desktop virtualization and cloud client computing architectures are inherently more secure than many traditional enterprise configurations, there are still important security considerations to consider when planning a deployment. To explore the topic in depth and provide your IT department with best practices for safeguarding virtual desktop environments, … READ MORE

Reed Martin September 26th, 2012

It’s like a superhero for IT, meet ProSupport

Despite the security and productivity benefits desktop virtualization provides, there are still a few IT executives who consider the technology about as appealing as green eggs and ham. They will approve a small pilot and are often eager to have their current IOPS requirements benchmarked. They are also … READ MORE

Reed Martin September 18th, 2012

Introducing vStart For VDI

While they may not be able to open tin cans or uncork a bottle, Dell’s desktop virtualization solutions are now nearly as versatile and durable as a classic Swiss Army Knife. Dell has recently made its desktop virtualization solutions available as workloads that run on its all-in-one vStart … READ MORE

Reed Martin August 28th, 2012
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