The Net Benefit of Cloud

Cloud computing has been heralded as a game changer. Today it will shine for game monitoring!  Millions of hoops fans will obsessively check scores – and the inevitable damage dealt to their brackets by unforseen upsets – from phones, netbooks and workplace PCs worldwide. Long gone are the … READ MORE

Todd B March 19th, 2009

An Exec Summary of Cloud Computing

Great summary here by Geva Perry on his Thinking Out Cloud blog. Viewing the cloud through the very different yet overlapping lenses of technology context vs. business considerations. Good thoughts and links here on the strategic implications, inhibitors to adoption and roles of key players.

Todd B February 26th, 2009

Cloud Computing’s Cost Appeal Fueling Adoption

Cloud computing provides a cost-effective architecture that has enabled new business models including Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The financial crisis might spell good news for cloud providers up and down the stack. According recent articles, IDC predicts that the current economic crisis in the U.S. will contribute … READ MORE

Todd B December 5th, 2008

Dell Powers Microsoft Azure

Today marks the start of an important chapter in the unfolding story of cloud computing. Microsoft has entered the ranks of cloud platform service providers with the launch of Windows® Azure™ and the Azure Services Platform.  Microsoft selected cloud-optimized Dell servers to power the Azure platform.   Forrest Norrod, … READ MORE

Todd B October 27th, 2008

Taking The Pulse on Cloud

This week marks the first Cloud Summit, a new tradeshow from Techweb, so thoughts turn to the cloud ecosystem. As private cloud technologies begin to proliferate, an important thing to consider is the notion that developing applications to live within proprietary clouds may dilute or eliminate the very … READ MORE

Todd B October 15th, 2008

Cloud Buzz

Last week’s comments from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison on the marketing buzz around cloud computing struck a chord with some, and reminded me of some of the attention drawn to Dell’s early adoption of the concept.  While many in the industry are cloud washing nearly anything related to … READ MORE

Todd B October 8th, 2008

BYOC: Build Your Own Cloud

Today Dell launched an exciting new service: Dell Remote Access.  One might ask: “Is this a cloud service?” On its own, no, it’s not. Is it cloudy? Absolutely, because for the digital nomads out there, DRA represents an opportunity to BYOC: Build Your Own Cloud… 🙂 This might … READ MORE

Todd B October 7th, 2008

Structure ’08

Following CloudCamp last week was Structure 08, a new conference from GigaOM centered on the hyperscale infrastructure powering the clouds.  There is plenty of coverage of the event already out there so I won't waste digital ink here on everything that was discussed.   But the key takeaway: infrastructure … READ MORE

Todd B July 1st, 2008


This week I attended CloudCamp, which came up “out of the blue” from a lively discussion forum on cloud computing.  I think it could be best described as a flashmob conference – conceived and organized in less than a month by Reuven Cohen and others from the forum.  … READ MORE

Todd B June 29th, 2008

XS23 Cloud Server

There has been some recent press around some of the equipment we’ve developed in our cloud computing group. The core of our business is essentially a consulting and design service and developing new products for customers is a big part of the fun. Because these aren’t mainstream PowerEdge … READ MORE

Todd B May 13th, 2008

Welcome To The Party!

Today marked the announcement of another entry into the foray of “new” systems designed for cloud computing.   I make light of “new” as this is a space Dell has been serving for over a year now.    And along the way we’ve found that the unique needs of hyperscale … READ MORE

Todd B April 23rd, 2008
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