Turning Up the Heat in Data Center Cooling

How do you cool today’s modern data centers, running increasingly high density and high performance equipment built to manage exploding amounts of enterprise data?  This presents a substantial cooling challenge for data center managers. Fortunately, we at Dell IT have found a way to take the heat off … READ MORE

David Scheffler December 5th, 2016

EMC IT Helps Drive Sustainability

EMC IT is innovating and developing new IT solutions that not only meet our internal customers’ growing data and IT demands but also help us drive improved space utilization and energy efficiencies in our modern data centers. For example, in our regional data center in Cork, Ireland we … READ MORE

David Scheffler June 6th, 2016

Durham Cloud Data Center: Disaster Resiliency

The EMC IT Durham Cloud Data Center survived its first major run in with Mother Nature. On Saturday April 16th at least 25 tornados touched down across North Carolina making it the state’s most active tornado season on record. A tornado that traveled 63 miles through Sanford, Holly Springs and Raleigh had top winds of 160 miles per hour and caused major damage. I am happy to report that the Durham Cloud Data Center’s redundant infrastructure worked flawlessly and more importantly none of our EMC employee’s were hurt or affected by the storm.

David Scheffler May 6th, 2011

Designing a world-class cloud data center

[wpvideo Hllj2taB w=420 h=270] Designing a multimillion-dollar cloud data center from scratch—the focus of my efforts over the last year—is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We were running out of capacity in our enterprise data center in Westborough, MA, and after considering all of the options we decided to … READ MORE

David Scheffler March 24th, 2011
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