James D. Shook, Esq., CIPP/US
Director, Compliance Practice, Global Technology Office
Dell EMC

Jim helps Dell EMC’s customers understand and efficiently meet the legal and regulatory obligations for their data, focusing on cybersecurity, privacy, retention and electronic discovery. Along with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, he is an experienced commercial litigator and a former general counsel to technology companies. Jim publishes and speaks frequently about meeting challenges created by the intersection of law and technology, and has been an active member of The Sedona Conference’s working groups on electronic information (WG1) since 2004 and data security and privacy (WG11) since 2015.

Compliance in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Big data.  Artificial intelligence.  Proprietary algorithms.  These capabilities today help drive disruption in all kinds of businesses, and are keys to a promising future. These technologies all help businesses to drive more decision-making processes and analysis within software.  In turn, this helps to make the business more agile … READ MORE

Jim Shook March 30th, 2016

Legal & IT – Hello, My Name Is…….

Not surprisingly, in 2014 we had many discussions with our customers about Information Governance issues such as data retention and remediation, privacy and eDiscovery. Very surprisingly, at many of these meetings, we introduced the IT and Legal departments to one another for the first time.

Jim Shook January 5th, 2015

Big Data or Little Data: Do We Have To Choose?

A storm is brewing in the legal world: Should we find ways to better manage our data, enabling us to get rid of data as soon as it has expired; or should we keep all data for as long as possible , relying on storage and search improvements … READ MORE

Jim Shook November 12th, 2014

Taking Out the Digital Trash

Does your organization keep old, stale and useless data? Most do. In our practice we find that about two-thirds of data on file shares has not been accessed in at least six months. While the lack of access does not necessarily identify data that has no business value, … READ MORE

Jim Shook October 6th, 2014

Is Your Compliance Just Checking the Box?

If your organization retains data to meet regulatory requirements, then you probably have a strategy to store that data somewhere. But do you have a good strategy to access and return any part of that data that is requested? If not, your compliance might be just “check the … READ MORE

Jim Shook September 4th, 2014

BYOD: Getting Started

Many organizations are having difficulty with handling the “Bring Your Own Device” wave. Others have not yet even started thinking about it. Along with Kris Vann of Actiance, we’ll be exploring the risks and challenges of BYOD — and providing some practical advice along the way. Part One … READ MORE

Jim Shook May 19th, 2014

Where Is Your Data “Located”?

In a well-reported decision last week, a New York Court ordered Microsoft to produce emails stored on a server located in Dublin, Ireland.  There has already been some very good legal analysis of the opinion, which Microsoft has stated that it will appeal.  A key issue, of course, … READ MORE

Jim Shook May 5th, 2014

Hot Topics for 2014

In strictly avoiding making new year’s predictions in this space, in the last few years I have: Spoken with the ghosts of eDiscovery Past, Present and Future (2011) Created a New Year’s Wish List for IT and Legal to share and enjoy (2012); and Wondered what “Information Governance” … READ MORE

Jim Shook January 3rd, 2014
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