Joe Catalanotti is a Product Marketing Manager for Dell EMC Midrange and Entry Storage that focuses on bringing industry leading solutions Dell EMC Unity and SC Series to a global market. Joe has over 25 years experience in product and channel marketing with storage technologies, asset management software, and CAD/CAM solutions. Joe has been instrumental in the development and execution of marketing content, launch planning, and other facets of product and marketing lifecycles including authoring white papers and speaking. Joe holds a BS degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Northeastern University as well as a degree in Architectural Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Harnessing Simplicity in Midrange Storage Ain’t Easy

Chewing gum is simple. So is turning on a light. And it’s simple enough to forget where you parked. OK, maybe so, but when it comes to the sphere of technology “simple” and “simple to use” are frequently advertised terms but rarely live up to the claims. Trying to represent … READ MORE

Joe Catalanotti September 14th, 2016

Stepping Up to the Plate for Mid-Tier Storage

It’s not uncommon to use baseball metaphors to describe business success and how they compete. And since it’s the start of the new baseball season – let’s do it.  Innovative ideas, talented people, courage to change, and lofty goals are a lot like what it takes to field a winning … READ MORE

Joe Catalanotti May 11th, 2016

Hybrid Flash Array Matters

Check out the new VNX Hybrid Flash Array Calculator As red hot as the All Flash Array market is, the Hybrid Flash Array market will continue to be >4X the size of the all flash array market through 2018, according to IDC. When you read this, does Mark Twain come … READ MORE

Joe Catalanotti March 30th, 2015

What makes the VNX-F Different from other All-Flash Arrays? Price, density, and MANAGEMENT

We hope that by now, you’ve read the announcement about the new and enhanced VNX-F All Flash Array and that its’ captured your interest and attention. And if so, then you may be wondering, is there more to the VNX-F … Continue reading

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Joe Catalanotti

Joe Catalanotti

Joe Catalanotti is a Product Marketing Manager with EMC’s Enterprise and Midrange Systems Division focused on VNX products and solutions.

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Joe Catalanotti November 19th, 2014
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