10 Lessons Learned from the EMC IT Transformation

We have shared many insights on EMC IT’s multi-year journey to transform from a traditional IT operation to an IT-as-a-Service model—from steps which determine a new organization structure to strategies on changing the mindset of employees to focus on serving our clients. With some significant transformation successes under our belt … READ MORE

Jon Peirce April 15th, 2015

An IT Epiphany: Getting Back to Basics and Defining Our “Wins”

Sometimes simple steps can lead to substantial insights in the midst of transition. One such instance proved extremely valuable in our Redefine IT effort. In my previous Redefine IT blog, I described the structure of our IT transformation program, the workstreams we used to reshape our organization, and our pursuit … READ MORE

Jon Peirce October 28th, 2014

Redefining EMC IT: A Fresh Strategy to Reach the New ITaaS World

In my last blog about Redefining IT into a successful IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) operation, I described how EMC IT partnered with our trusted IT consultants, EMC Services, to help us assess, refocus and accelerate our IT transformation progress. As I noted, we were stalled.  While we had achieved significant benefits from … READ MORE

Jon Peirce October 6th, 2014

Closing the IT Transformation Gap: Outside Help Can Bridge the Chasm

Making the transformation from the old, traditional IT world to the new IT as a service (ITaaS) world is about more than technology. It involves the much more gradual and, at times, more challenging evolution of your operation’s people and processes into a new operational and organizational structure, while maintaining … READ MORE

Jon Peirce August 11th, 2014

The EMC IT Transformation: Five Years In The Making

The transformation of IT organizations from a traditional service model to an IT as a Service (ITaaS) provider is a multi-faceted, comprehensive endeavor requiring a universal commitment from the enterprise, and tests the persistence and patience of all of us leading the charge. In the case of EMC IT’s transformation, … READ MORE

Jon Peirce April 28th, 2013

ESG IT Audit Validates EMC’s Remarkable Cloud Transformation

It’s official. EMC IT has achieved tens of millions of dollars in savings as well as huge leaps in agility and productivity over the last nine years on its journey to the cloud.  In a newly released audit report evaluating EMC IT’s cloud transformation, IT analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group … READ MORE

Jon Peirce March 6th, 2013

Does the Journey to ITaaS Come with a GPS?

Making the commitment to transform your IT organization into an IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) provider will yield tremendous benefits including agility, efficiency, business alignment and cost/value optimization. The migration to ITaaS will also bring with it a multitude of changes, affecting the IT business model, the technologies enabling that business model and … READ MORE

Jon Peirce August 10th, 2012
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