Infrastructure-As-A-Service Goes Mainstream

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), the fastest growing segment of the rapidly expanding cloud market, is going mainstream into the enterprise. Concurrently service providers, who were early adopters, are moving upstream to more higher-value services IaaS is a simple concept, but with complexities that must be dealt with to successfully implement. … READ MORE

Mark Prahl December 7th, 2012

Object Storage In The Enterprise

How does object storage fit into the enterprise? Object storage is highly scalable architecture where data gets stored by unique IDs and attributes that describe the data. It is commonly used in public clouds and is finding its way into the enterprise, especially to retain unstructured data. While … READ MORE

Mark Prahl November 30th, 2012

IT Transformation Leads to the Cloud Operations Center

How are you managing your new virtualized IT infrastructure? If you are a data center manager or administrator, the chances are pretty good that your IT organization is running a Network Operations Center (NOC) with a firm hand on the pulse of the networking elements that comprise the … READ MORE

Mark Prahl November 16th, 2012

Cloud Adoption Contributes to API Evolution

How is cloud computing contributing to changes in APIs? Application programming interfaces (APIs) provide the specifications used by software components to communicate with each other. What makes APIs important in cloud computing is the now wide-spread practice of making these interfaces generally available. This openness is the result … READ MORE

Mark Prahl November 9th, 2012

Automating Infrastructure Management at EMC

What is storage-industry leader EMC doing to simplify and automate management in its data center? EMC IT is deploying EMC, VMware, and partner management automation technologies to simplify operations in its data centers. This effort includes installing new products, adopting new processes, and changing roles to further evolve … READ MORE

Mark Prahl October 26th, 2012

Application Developers Take Center Stage

Are programmers still in demand in today’s data center? Some studies may lead you to believe that career opportunities for programmers may be waning, but don’t believe them. A new breed of coder is emerging in the marketplace, and is in high demand right now since scarce in … READ MORE

Mark Prahl October 19th, 2012

Object Storage In The Public Cloud

How are cloud technologies such as object storage transforming business? Enterprise IT and service providers are transforming how they do business by leveraging cloud architectures to deliver infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Cloud architectures are ideally suited to the unique storage demands of unstructured data, which is forecasted to grow at … READ MORE

Mark Prahl October 12th, 2012

Converged Infrastructure Foundation For Cloud-Based Services

How does converged infrastructure get you to a cloud environment? The IT industry is constantly evolving with visionaries leading the way for technology vendors to follow. Some innovations like storage tiering (e.g. EMC FAST) improve basic functions, making storage administrators more productive. Other innovations, like unifying management of … READ MORE

Mark Prahl September 28th, 2012

Object Storage Gaining In Importance

What is object storage and why should anyone care? Object storage is a highly scalable architecture where data gets stored by unique IDs and attributes that describe the data. These IDs and attributes provide fast and easy access to the stored objects.  Like many things in the IT … READ MORE

Mark Prahl September 21st, 2012

Storage Challenges In The Software-Defined Data Center

What is the software-defined data center and what does it mean for storage? The software-defined data center is an approach to computing that takes a bunch of physical resources (i.e. compute, network, and storage) and puts them in three big resource pools with the intent of getting the … READ MORE

Mark Prahl September 14th, 2012

Service Assurance In The Cloud

How do you provide service assurance in your virtualized data center or cloud? Read any blog, online article, or hard copy publication about the IT industry and you will likely see much about the future of IT. But, it is the every-day challenges and victories that often determine … READ MORE

Mark Prahl August 28th, 2012
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