Techcenter Twittering

The folks over at the Techcenter have started using twitter. Check it out. BTW, there's a chat starting there today at 3:00 Central on Hyper-V systems management. If you are interested in Hyper-V, check out the Techcenter Wiki.    

Hyper-V versus VMware

Dru Reeves at the Burton Group posted a thoughtful piece on the competition between VMware and Microsoft for virtualization opportunites. He believes this is the issue that forced Diane Greene's departure.  Could well be.  But I don't agree with all his points – especially the underlying notion that … READ MORE

More VMware chatter

I suggested on Chuck's blog in a comment that I thought EMC didn't exactly handle this thing very well and he responded by saying this: "…..However, if you go back and take another look, you'll see a more balanced — and mature — perspective from some of the … READ MORE

Seeing Scalability @ work

A video showing the process of expanding a volume on a Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN.  Its amazingly simple:  First, you expand the volume in the management console, which automatically takes unused capacity from the free pool – including additional space you will need for snapshots. Then you go … READ MORE

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