Don’t just focus on the hardware

Reading this week that the folks from Raspberry Pi have shipped their 5 millionth unit  made me think about the true cost of hardware. Here we have a basic computer that ships for less than $30 and now with version 2 shipping runs a vast number OS’s including … READ MORE

Mark Galpin February 19th, 2015

Backups: How Many Do You Need?

It’s not a new story and one you would have heard many times before. We just cannot stop creating new data. Data growth along with diversification of storage methods is not helping either. The volume of data we store is doubling every two to three years. It would … READ MORE

Mark Galpin February 4th, 2015

Keep those Data Protection questions coming!

As the year draws to a close, we will at the end of November look back possibly at the best year ever for customer attendance and interactions at one of our Data Protection User Groups (DPUG). I don’t want to make any predictions just yet, as we still … READ MORE

Mark Galpin November 13th, 2014

The DPArmy live from “Redefine Possible” in London

So the Doctor landed in the Old Billingsgate Market, in London on Tuesday to help EMC reveal a number of product announcements. Possibly for most, the main news of the day was the announcement that the existing high end storage array VMAX would be replaced with VMAX3. This … READ MORE

Mark Galpin July 11th, 2014

Protection Storage, Is It Just Disk?

You will hear many vendors telling you how important it is to protect your data. This will usually be achieved by a second copy on disk or even tape. Let’s assume like most companies you choose to store that second copy on disk, what disk do you use? … READ MORE

Mark Galpin April 28th, 2014
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