EMC Unveils Hadoop Starter Kit 2.0 at Hadoop World 2013

Today, at Hadoop World in NYC, EMC announced the release of the Hadoop Starter Kit (HSK) 2.0. This free, open kit ups efficiency of all Hadoop distribution deployments by reducing the time and cost to deploy EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS. HSK 2.0 combines the power of VMware vSphere … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch October 28th, 2013

Question: Archive? Answer: Isilon Scale-out NAS with New 4 TB Drives

There are few enterprise storage use cases that stress the seams of traditional storage systems quite like large and rapidly-growing file-based data archives. In nearly every customer conversation that I’ve had over the last few quarters, dealing with the current and rapidly growing “archive” environment is top-of-mind for … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch January 31st, 2013

Diving Deeper into Isilon OneFS 7.0

At Thanksgiving last week, I couldn’t help but feel cheesy as I thought about all the things I was thankful for. One of the many items on my list was what we’ve been able to achieve here at Isilon this year. Two weeks ago we reached a very … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch December 1st, 2012

Fired up for 2012!

I’m so excited – no, wait, scratch that. I’M FIRED UP for what’s in store for 2012 here at Isilon! As great as 2011 was, this next year has even more industry game changers in store. Since joining the EMC family, we’ve been on quite the ride as … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch December 22nd, 2011

Highlights from a Super week in Seattle

WOW – what a whirlwind week last week! Year after year, the Supercomputing conference never ceases to get me amped. I love the energy and excitement of companies looking for bleeding-edge tech that will empower them to grow bigger and faster, as their HPC environments go above and … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch November 21st, 2011
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