Nicole Werts Williams is a Sr. Advisor supporting Server Solutions Marketing at Dell, Inc with a focus on tower servers, modular infrastructure and storage components.

Nicole has also served in the Storage Marketing Group at Dell covering the PS and SC Series lines.

With over 15 years of experience in IT marketing spanning hardware software and services, Nicole has also held positions at IBM.

She holds a MBA and a BA in English.

“More is less” with ultra-dense arrays

Faced with massive data growth, static budgets and limited floor space, organizations are turning to high-capacity and high-performing, ultra-dense storage solutions. “More is less” is actually a good thing when Dell can help you store more data in less space with ultra-dense arrays that provide massive capacity while … READ MORE

Nicole Werts Williams June 18th, 2015

More powerful iSCSI storage for small-to-medium companies with Dell Storage PS4210 Series

Small- and medium-size businesses face the same performance challenges as large enterprises, along with much tighter resource constraints. To overcome those challenges within small businesses and remote offices, Dell announced the Dell Storage PS4210 Series arrays with improved performance and advanced connectivity options. The smaller companies I worked … READ MORE

Nicole Werts Williams November 5th, 2014
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