Paul leads product management and engineering for the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud program at Dell EMC. He started his technical career working on a DARPA project helping develop software monitoring systems to detect clandestine nuclear tests. He moved into an infrastructure role on that project where he eventually managed a prototype data center for the monitoring framework supporting the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. From there he joined NetApp, where he worked with the US Marine Corps, helping develop mobile information infrastructure deployable in the adverse conditions found by the Marine Expeditionary Forces during the Iraq war, and later spearheading NetApp’s entry into the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet. After moving to New England, he joined EMC, where he supported Mid-Market Commercial as a Microsoft Specialist, and then managing the application specialists for Mid-Market before taking the role of Global Functional Lead for Microsoft, which he held for the three years prior to his current role.

Microsoft Azure Stack – We’re All In!

Today Microsoft announced Azure Stack Technical Preview 3 (TP3) – a major milestone in the journey to release the initial GA Azure Stack offerings with follow-on releases planned to further expand and enhance capabilities.  With this release, you’ll see a wide array of new capabilities to work with … READ MORE

Paul Galjan March 1st, 2017
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