Continuous Availability without Any Compromise

Everyone needs some summer downtime. If you have not taken your summer downtime yet I hope you have plans to do it soon. However when it comes to business, the last thing we need on a vacation is a frantic phone call that your business has taken some … READ MORE

Parasar Kodati August 10th, 2016

Get a Snow Blower for Your Cold Data

I think it is safe to say that this past winter in the Boston area has been more like Spring. Unlike my three year old who is fond of using her shovel (the blue one pictured below) I and my back did not miss the snow. Nevertheless I … READ MORE

Parasar Kodati April 13th, 2016

El Nino Effects from California to Chennai

The El Nino effect dramatically amplified the seasonal rainfall for Chennai causing one of the worst flooding in the southeast (or southeastern) Indian city. The disruption was so bad that it actually made material difference to the quarterly financials of IT giants like TCS. On the other half … READ MORE

Parasar Kodati February 22nd, 2016

Three New Year’s Resolutions for IT Leaders

The second half of the decade is around the corner. It’s that time of the year to reflect, refresh and even resolve. Weight loss and work out never goes out of fashion but I thought I would put myself in the shoes of IT leadership. There is so … READ MORE

Parasar Kodati January 4th, 2016

Is Your Data Center Ready for a Natural Disaster?

Agility of a business is increasingly dependent on agility of IT. Mission critical is no longer limited to medical records and financial transactions.  A few hours of downtime for your CRM system could mean missing your quarterly numbers or a landmark deal.  Downtime for your website could shake … READ MORE

Parasar Kodati September 30th, 2015
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