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Welcome to Inside Flash, Special Edition for October 22nd 2012.

Flash, Flash, FLASH! Flash is indeed everywhere and the EMC flash strategy is clear. “Flash Everywhere”. Flash in the Server with EMC VFCache 1.5, Server Side PCIe based flash cache, now supporting Cisco UCS. Flash in the Network with EMC Project Thunder (Project Thunder, WOW, the early performance reports are “Mind Blowing” we’re talking “Millions” of IOPs, Much, Much more on thunder to come. And Flash in the array! A little flash goes a long way via a hybrid array, and what if you could change storage all together? You would build an all flash array with integration de-duplication, snaps/clones, and a full set of management tools and application integration (hello VMware).

Sam Marraccini October 22nd, 2012

Inside Flash Episode #5: VFCache 1.5 with Special Guest Chad Sakac – The Virtual Geek

Welcome to Inside Flash, Episode #5, September 28th,
Hello VFCache 1.5, nice to meet you! In-line cache deduplication (Thanks EMC backup team), first in the industry – Check! The only host cache solution supported and listed on the VMware HCL – Check! and… cluster support, EMC VMAX integration and management, 700GB PCIe cards and
Cisco Mezzanine integration.
With the VFCache 1.5 press release aligned with VMWorld 2012, there is only one person I wanted to have on the show!! The Virtual Geek himself…. Chad Sakac! Chad was gracious enough to not only spend some time on the show, but he gave me a quick demo of some of the new features of VFCache 1.5.

Sam Marraccini September 28th, 2012

Inside Flash Episode #4: EMC World 2012, Area 51 (Project Thunder)

So if Lightning, now VFCache, is a server Flash caching solution anchored in array protection, Thunder represents the move from the host to Server Network Flash. Server Network Flash representing a flash resource that can be shared across multiple hosts. More important, Thunder
will leverage the intelligence of VFCache and continue the extension of EMCs Fully Automated Storage Tiering. Flash in the Array, Flash in the Server and Flash in the Network… To get a closer
look at Project Thunder I attended a Secret Session at EMC World 2012, “Area-51”. Not much was known about Area-51. The session was standing room only, and fortunately, I had my camera ready. Here is a quick look at the “Project Thunder” presentation at EMC World 2012 “Area-51”…..

Sam Marraccini August 27th, 2012

Inside Flash Episode #3: A look at The Flash Zone at EMC World2012, while preparing for VMWorld 2012!!

Welcome back to Inside Flash, Epsode #3: Life in the Flash lane… and it’s moving FAST. (Fully Automated Storage Tiering pun intended 😉 Putting the final touches on the EMC Flash presentation for VMWorld 2012. Much more on that in a future episode of Inside Flash. With VMWorld only a few short weeks away, let’s take a quick look back at the EMC Flash Zone at EMC World 2012.

Sam Marraccini August 16th, 2012
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