Sam Marraccini is a 18-year EMC veteran and 27-year technology veteran. Part of the Dell EMC Global Portfolio Marketing Team, Sam is focused on developing and evangelizing the unique benefits of Dell EMC Products, Technologies and Solutions

Inside Flash with Sam Marraccini: Episode #15: Citrix Partner Summit 2014

EMC was a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Citrix Partner Summit. The Gold Sponsorship brought with it a prime location in the Exhibitor Hall and conversations with hundreds of EMC/Citrix Partners. Of course Flash was a big topic, specifically Flash for End User Compute. EMCs primary focus was enabling our joint partners to successfully deploy virtual environments designed to deliver unique customer requirements regardless of scale.

Sam Marraccini February 4th, 2014

Flash and VDI, a marriage made in heaven!?!

Happy New Year!!! And what a year it’s been, Flash keeps getting cheaper: Moore’s Law (faster & more dense), new Purpose built All Flash Storage Arrays with truly in-line Data Deduplication, and new form factors of Server Flash along with updates to software integrating it all together! And that’s just some of the developments we’ve seen in 2013. In the case of these developments, they have all directly impacted planned VDI deployments, or in some cases resurrected failed VDI deployments. They are all parts of deploying a non-stop production ready and scalable VDI infrastructure.

Sam Marraccini January 9th, 2014

Xpect the Flash event of the Year!

Register here for the highly-anticipated launch of EMC XtremIO – – 14 November 2013! Don’t miss the biggest online Enterprise Flash event of the year.

Sam Marraccini November 5th, 2013

EMC officially acquires ScaleIO: Delivers on Flash.Next Roadmap! (in just 4 months!)

The EMC Flash.Next launch was just 4 months ago. The March 2013 live webcast introduced the EMC Xtrem Family: XtremSF, XtremSW Cache and XtremIO. XtremSW Cache continues to combine the performance of server side flash with the protection of an enterprise storage array. I blogged then that the difference was in the “Software”, that’s even more evident after this morning acquisition of ScaleIO.

Sam Marraccini July 11th, 2013

Inside Flash with Sam Marraccini: Episode #10: EMC World 2013 “X Factor”

EMC World in one word? Overwhelming! and more so every year. At least that’s the feedback I get
from EMC Customers. If you attended, you had to make some choices: What session should I attend? What keynote sessions should I make? If you missed the X Factor in the exhibit hall, you missed the details of EMCs Flash Everywhere Strategy. Featuring an XtremIO array, the X Factor
focused on the EMC Xtrem Portfolio. The X Factor Theater featured the details of the EMC Xtrem Family: XtremSF (PCIe Server Flash), XtremSW Cache (Caching Software) and XtremIO (EMCs All Flash Array).
I was able to capture one of the last theater sessions of the show; you’ll find it in this episode of

Sam Marraccini June 30th, 2013

Inside Flash Episode #9: A look back at EMC World 2013: As promised, it was Xtrem!!

EMC World 2013 delivered on the Xtrem plan, the X-Factor delivered as promised. The EMC Flash everywhere strategy was highlighted throughout the event and even reviewed during the executive keynote! The breakout sessions, packed! Standing room only! The XtremIO sessions were turning people away, just not enough room for everyone. From introduction sessions to production demonstrations, the event was a success.

Sam Marraccini May 27th, 2013
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