Big Data: Catalyst for Business Growth

What images come to mind when you hear the words “big data?”  Do you think of massive database warehouses and engineers sifting through petabytes of data? Think again.  Big data has gone mainstream. “Big” and “data” used to mean “big” and “challenges.” But now they represent huge opportunities. Big data … READ MORE

Scott Horst April 26th, 2016

Converged Infrastructure: The Key to Business Agility

Business success often depends on a company’s ability to turn on a dime. But overly complex IT and overburdened staff can make it difficult to react quickly to new opportunities. Does this sound familiar? Converged infrastructure helps to boost business agility Your company needs to be able to move quickly … READ MORE

Scott Horst March 29th, 2016

Cloud is a key enabler for Future Creators

Cloud technologies enable you to access, consume, deliver and pay for services on your terms. You can use them to create more efficient application and development environments and to outsource your entire data center if you choose. That’s why so many companies have been turning to cloud solutions to improve … READ MORE

Scott Horst March 1st, 2016

Does future readiness matter? IDC Future Ready Index says yes

How future ready is your organization? Are your IT resources over extended?” Does your IT department spend all of its time putting out fires? Perhaps your enterprise is somewhere between the two. The IDC Future Ready Index examined just how great an impact future readiness has on an enterprise’s ability … READ MORE

Scott Horst February 2nd, 2016

Customers know best: Better data means better results

Increasingly, we’re seeing that more and more Dell customers are getting the results they’ve been looking for. Businesses, researchers, analysts and scientists are unlocking millions and millions of data sets from across a network of multiple entry points. All of these organizations implemented the Dell Big Data & Analytics solutions … READ MORE

Scott Horst December 10th, 2015
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