The Customer Experience SmackDown

I have spent over 26 years in IT, much of it, meeting and working with customers. It remains the part of the job I continue to enjoy the most. I get to talk about the products we develop, the technology that goes into them, and the people who … READ MORE

Scott Delandy November 14th, 2016

To Encrypt or Not? It’s Not Even a Question

As an IT organization, how confident are you that your organization’s data is secure and protected? From a protection perspective, it’s generally expected to have RAID protection, redundant copies and backups, disaster recovery plans, etc. All essential good practices. But how secure are you from unauthorized access to … READ MORE

Scott Delandy June 6th, 2016

Make It Rain with Your EMC Hybrid Cloud

Today’s technology forecast includes an accelerated shift to the hybrid cloud. With over 75% of enterprise IT organizations deploying hybrid cloud already, adoption is predicted to continue to grow. In only the last few years, hybrid cloud has become the preferred way to deliver IT services and drive business … READ MORE

Scott Delandy November 17th, 2015

Technologies Disrupt, Consumption Models Transform

As everyone who works in IT knows, we are living in arguably one of the most fascinating and exciting times since the industry was created many decades ago.  The tectonic shifts in technologies, markets, and consumption models are radically reshaping the IT landscape. It’s providing folks in IT … READ MORE

Scott Delandy October 12th, 2015

I “Friended” My Storage and I “Liked” It

Yup, this is another blog about Social Media and Information Technology. But it is not for the marketing folks. This one is for the IT pros who manages the infrastructure to keep the apps online, the packets moving over the network, and the information safe and secure. What if you … READ MORE

Scott Delandy August 24th, 2015

The Storage Admin is dead, Long Live the Storage Admin!

Now before you send flowers and a note of condolence to your IT department, please be assured this is not a literal declaration. The above snowclone is based on a traditional proclamation made following the accession of a new monarch immediately after the passing of the old. It’s … READ MORE

Scott Delandy June 12th, 2015

Is Your Storage Half Empty? Or Half Full?

Hypothetical question; if you’re storage array is 50% allocated is if half empty or half full?  The pessimist would say it is half empty.  The optimist would say it is half full.  But most of the storage folks I talk to would say “who cares?” In their minds the … READ MORE

Scott Delandy April 22nd, 2015
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