#YOAF! Looking at Another Year of IT Transformation

This year we continued our dialogue with our customers and partners to help them pursue their IT transformation in order to free up funds and resources to pursue strategic projects to chip away at digital transformation. But where to start? Step 1: Consider Flash as a Key Enabler to IT … READ MORE

Stefan Voss January 9th, 2017

Tales from EMC World 2016: Building a Modern Data Center

Last year we built a data center as part of our efforts to display our full portfolio of products at EMC World. We would have never imagined the level of interaction and interest we received with hundreds of customers coming through the exhibit every day. Our customers, partners, and internal … READ MORE

Stefan Voss August 29th, 2016

Keeping the Lights on for the Microsoft Productivity Suite

Many modern enterprises are looking for strategies to deliver always on business operations. It is critical to get the business back on track as fast as possible in case of any failures in the stack. From application perspective, most businesses leverage a combination of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL to … READ MORE

Stefan Voss October 19th, 2015

Let’s Build a Data Center – The Power of a Strong Portfolio

Recently we embarked on one of the scariest and most rewarding projects I ever worked on at EMC…to build a functional data center in less than 48 hours and ensure that our live provisioning challenge (aka The Jeremy Burton Challenge) against Jeremy Burton, EMC’s President of Product and Marketing, run … READ MORE

Stefan Voss July 1st, 2015

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery – VMAX SRDF Integration Pack is GA

In a previous post, we discussed how the combination of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and VMAX SRDF provides a simplified but highly scalable Disaster Recovery solution across on-premises or hosted Microsoft-based IT infrastructures. ASR is now generally available and … Continue reading

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Stefan Voss

Stefan Voss is Director of Solutions Marketing for the Core Technologies Division of EMC.

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Stefan Voss February 18th, 2015
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