Modernizing the Data Center – What is Everyone Else Doing?

“What is everybody else doing?” It’s the question that I’m asked most often. Sometimes, those asking are wondering how their peers are approaching things. Others want to know if different industries have alternate perspectives. Sometimes, they just want to understand what their boss is worried about. Regardless of the reason, … READ MORE

Stephen Manley June 20th, 2016

Responding to Change: EMC Customers Share Their Perspectives

What is at the heart of an inspiring keynote, a stellar interview, or just an energizing conversation? Passion. Styles, personalities, and topics may vary, but the energy does not.  At EMC World, the customer sessions have always been my favorite moments. EMC Customers who spend their time and effort to … READ MORE

Stephen Manley June 4th, 2015

Maximizing Business Value from Converged Infrastructures, Part I

Converged infrastructure, hyperconverged infrastructure, hyperscale converged Infrastructure….megaconverged infrastucture? Which of these terms did I just make up? (Answer below) While it may feel like convergence is turning the world upside down, it really just reflects the constant evolution of technology. I recently sat down with fellow blogger Heidi Biggar to … READ MORE

Stephen Manley February 6th, 2015

Don’t Be a Dr. No in 2015

At the New Year, some people struggle to identify a bad habit that they want to end. Their co-workers, of course, instantly produce a long list of irritating behaviors. Similarly, every IT team’s business partners have a 2015 New Year’s Resolution for them – “Stop Being Dr. No.” Lines of … READ MORE

Stephen Manley December 8th, 2014
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