2016 Predictions: Digitization, Robotics and Conversational Commerce

Last year, I predicted that digitization would be critical for introducing contemporary services that combat IT complexity, increase our efficiency and quickly meet shifting business priorities. At EMC, we have and will continue to make tremendous strides in this direction. However, with flat budgets and resources in 2016, … READ MORE

Vic Bhagat January 5th, 2016

Digitization Isn’t Just Transformational, It’s Game Changing

The game has changed. As CIOs and IT professionals, we were comfortable with controlling the environment; talking in ERP terms and timelines; and in using a liquidation/unit cost financial model to manage our operations. However, the landscape has changed and our business users expect and need IT’s help … READ MORE

Vic Bhagat October 29th, 2015

5 Lessons in Transforming to Contemporary IT

We used to deliver projects in ERP terms with complex, multi-year investments leaving the business little choice regardless of how long it would take or what it would cost. However, today’s information generation wants convenience and near instant gratification, so if we are not agile or fast enough, … READ MORE

Vic Bhagat October 15th, 2015

Is Traditional IT Still Relevant?

Traditionally, IT organizations have provided infrastructure and basic support to the business as a monopoly.  We used to think of (and deliver) projects in ERP terms with complex, multiyear investments.  And, the business had little choice, but to work with us regardless of how long it would take … READ MORE

Vic Bhagat June 23rd, 2015

Digitization at Top of CIO Priority Lists

Over the last three decades in this industry, I’ve seen many impressively disruptive waves of technology, but I have never witnessed as many waves hitting simultaneously as we are seeing today. While we can and will pursue many of these, as CIOs in a hypercompetitive global environment, we … READ MORE

Vic Bhagat January 12th, 2015

Evolving IT as a Business Partner

I had the distinct pleasure of presenting to many local CIOs and IT professionals at Evanta’s CIO Executive Summit in Boston last Tuesday.  In speaking with a variety of attendees, one common topic revolved around how we must change our conversations and working relationship with our business users. … READ MORE

Vic Bhagat November 12th, 2014

Balancing Privacy and Productivity

As if we didn’t have enough examples this year, the “Corporate Boards Race to Shore Up Cybersecurity” article in The Wall Street Journal reinforced one of our greatest challenges as CIOs and CISOs. How can we enable our business to be more agile and successful, while minimizing risks … READ MORE

Vic Bhagat July 28th, 2014
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