XtremIO 4.0 – The Beauty within ‘The Beast’

A couple of weeks ago at EMC World we announced XtremIO 4.0, a new operating system release with over 50 new features. Part of XtremIO 4.0 are new configurations that significantly step up the already amazing performance and scale of XtremIO arrays. We lovingly refer to these as … READ MORE

xtremio May 26th, 2015

XtremIO in VMware environments – the hidden gems!

[This blog was written by Avishek Kumar, Product Manager for XtremIO] Our customers have been using XtremIO extensively in their VMware environments since the initial days of the array’s availability. And the logic is easy to understand – virtual environments typically have a lot of random workloads and … READ MORE

xtremio March 3rd, 2015

XtremIO Makes History with a Blowout Q4

Since early January, I’ve barely been able to keep a lid on my excitement.  That was the day when I received the Q4’14 sales report from EMC finance, which confirmed that XtremIO had just made history by becoming the fastest-growing enterprise storage product ever – for the company, … READ MORE

xtremio February 10th, 2015

XtremIO & AppSync – Magic for Application Owners!

[This blog was written by Avishek Kumar, Product Manager for XtremIO] When talking to our customers these days, I find very few people who want to understand what flash technology is – most of them are already on the path to using flash-based products in some way, shape … READ MORE

xtremio December 30th, 2014

The Short and Exciting History of the Enterprise Flash Market

Flash is one of the hottest, fastest growing enterprise technology markets in computing history.  While it just entered the mainstream in 2014, analysts are now predicting it to be well over a $1 billion market this year with sustained growth rates in excess of 50 percent per year … READ MORE

xtremio December 16th, 2014

XtremIO Just Got Better for Microsoft Environments

For quite some time now, XtremIO has been integrated tightly with vSphere, allowing the array to be configured and managed directly within vSphere.  As part of our ongoing efforts to integrate XtremIO tightly into application environments, we have just released support for similar integration in Microsoft environments.  The ESI … READ MORE

xtremio December 13th, 2014

IDC Gives XtremIO an Awesome Birthday Present!

A few weeks ago we celebrated the one-year birthday of XtremIO.  365 days since the product was declared generally available.  A few days ago, IDC published its all-flash array market share numbers for the first half of 2014“Worldwide All-Flash and Hybrid Flash Array Market: 1H2014 Vendor Shares and … READ MORE

xtremio December 11th, 2014

EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) 3.0 – Now With XtremIO Support

For the last two years, XtremIO has powered the Vmware Hands-On-Labs at Vmworld.  One of the very cool things featured in the Hands-On-Labs operations center was the vCOPS (vCenter Operations) dashboard – a graphical display/heat-map that shows at a glance how the data center is running – including … READ MORE

xtremio December 11th, 2014

Happy Birthday XtremIO!

Today is a big day for XtremIO.  It marks one full year since we began general availability shipments.  Saying we’ve accomplished a lot in that year would be quite the understatement.  XtremIO’s first year was record breaking to say the least.  We’ll explore that in a moment, but … READ MORE

xtremio November 18th, 2014

The Real Thing

I’m a child of the ‘80s, which means I grew up with the obligatory posters of the Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Countach, and Porsche 959 on my wall.  I remember driving along one day and nearly losing my mind because a Ferrari F40 was stopped at a red light … READ MORE

xtremio September 30th, 2014

Redefining Simplicity & Agility For Oracle DBAs

Today’s Oracle DBAs spend the majority of their time each week diagnosing and tuning performance, maintaining availability, and creating and maintaining copies of databases, while trying to drive greater database consolidation to improve simplicity (source: IOUG 2014 Survey). How can storage simplify these tasks for Oracle DBAs while meeting … READ MORE

xtremio September 28th, 2014
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