Automation Meets IT Transformation in the Cloud at PuppetConf 2017


From October 10-12th, the City by the Bay will be hosting this year’s PuppetConf and it’s promising to be a fun and educational event you won’t want to miss. Over 1,300 attendees will hear top industry speakers cover topics like DevOps, automation, infrastructure modernization, and get the opportunity to network, improve their skills, and learn how to align IT with their organization’s business strategy.

As a headline sponsor, Dell EMC will absolutely be bringing our A-game. We’ll be showcasing how, when you bring together Puppet Enterprise automation with VMware vRealize in a turnkey hybrid cloud platform like Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, you can increase productivity and accelerate time to value by standing up a hybrid cloud architecture in days rather than months with built-in automation and self-service access to IT resources.

In the Dell EMC booth, we’ll feature a demo of all of this in action, but if you’re not among the lucky ones who will be on-site, click below preview the demo.

And if after viewing that, you want to learn more, you can register for a full webcast featuring subject matter experts from Puppet, VMware, and Dell EMC who’ll walk you through how the latest release of Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, which features VMware’s vRA 7.3 with native Puppet Enterprise integration, simplifies your journey to the hybrid cloud.

As businesses continue to embark on their IT Transformation journey, being able to quickly take advantage of a hybrid cloud architecture with built-in automation is key in enabling the business to benefit from increased productivity and agility. Join us at this year’s PuppetConf and learn how Dell EMC, in collaboration with VMware and Puppet, can simplify your transformation efforts (register here to get 35% discount on your attendee pass). Hope to see you there!

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