Baker’s Half Dozen — Episode 13


This episode is a special milestone for us. We have reached episode 13 – a true baker’s dozen! And, fittingly, in this episode we discuss bread machines. We also talk about the popularity of esports, what qualifies as a cloud solution, and we might even speak a bit of Swahili!


If you’ve got questions about this episode, or a question you’d like Matt to answer in the next episode, tweet Matt using #BakersHalfDozen.

Episode 13 Show Notes:

Item 1: Mother knows best!

Item 2: Remember to say the magic words!

Item 3: League of Legends Champion Series

Item 4: Did your Air Gap just get hacked?

Item 5: Bare Metal doesn’t equal cloud. Or does it?

Item 6: Tree branches, Chest of Drawers, Containers?

Item 6.5: Bread Machines for the win!

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